“a superlative production” – Albany Times Union

“galvanic production” – Berkshire Eagle

“Reagan directs the proceedings with a sure black comic hand, never letting the proceedings settle into sitcom regularity.” – The Arts Fuse



Elliot, A Soldier’s Fugue

“…smart pacing, occasional humor, a strong sense of place, and subtly effective design and sound choices…” The Portland Mercury

“Miles brings the stories together with subtle, unrelenting strength and relatable weaknesses which she gracefully portrays in the matriarchal role.” Willamette Week

“What accrues out of these episodic reminiscences is a multifaceted feeling about the day-to-day experience of being in war and being in family.” – Oregon Artswatch


“…consistently witty writing, vivid performances by a cast of three, and nimbly staged sequences.” The Boston Globe

“Director Alice Reagan bring a choreographer’s eye to moving the action throughout the in‐the-round staging, and she gets great fun from the farcical convention of well-timed entrances and exits…”Albany Times Union

“Director Alice Reagan has a sure hand.”Berkshire on Stage



“In the hands of Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble, Enter the Night pulses with wonder, beauty and unexpected joy. Though the characters grapple with mortality, they’re motivated as much by love as by fear, and the show swings easily between serious reflection and giddy, generous comedy.” – Willamette Week

“The transitions between the playful and the poignant, the real and the dreamy, and the wildly energetic and the statuesquely still are very artfully orchestrated.” – The Oregonian

“PETE and director Reagan have pulled off an unpredictably surefooted production.” – The Portland Mercury

“Fornes’s original description of a pit flanked by planks, PETE’s stage goes further with a partial layer of fern-colored sand. It shifts, it sticks, it crumbles, it resists.” – Portland Monthly

“I didn’t realize I needed a theater like that until I saw it, a theater that refuses to contrive to make the audience feel superior.” – Oregon Artswatch


nomads postcard_front pinkNomads

“…in which trips are taken, but also aren’t, existential mirrors are looked through, and a house becomes a jungle.” – Brooklyn Rail

“Plot resolution isn’t Ms. Jarcho’s thing. And that’s great.” – New York Times

“But underneath the sense of playfulness lurks the creeping dread of something sinister, something broken—“ – New York Theatre Review

“Director Alice Reagan has an effective touch with the play’s complexity of tone.” – NY Theater Now

“Nomads […] makes the perfect going away party for the always-adventurous Incubator Arts Project.” – Village Voice


Photo by Yi Zhao. All rights reserved.I Came to Look for You on Tuesday

“In Chiori Miyagawa’s stylish ensemble piece…” – New Yorker

“Reunions are frequent, though rarely between the living.” – Time Out NY

“a physically lovely and very stark production” – NY Theater Now

“…the pared down staging of this piece allows the emotional reality to resonate in a different way.” – HuffPost

“Under the direction of Alice Reagan, the eight cast members are uniformly strong.” – Talkin Broadway

“Direction is precise, clean, sharp and moving.” – Arts International


The VergeThe Verge

“[The Verge] is given full room to breathe by the director Alice Reagan and Performance Lab 115.” – The New York Times

“These two companies and directors have long been producing their own work, finding their own way in the shifting theatrical landscape.” – The Brooklyn Rail

“Susan Glaspell may be the most important playwright whose work you’ve never seen on stage.” – American Theatre


Caucasian Chalk CircleCaucasian Chalk Circle

“We never forget Reagan’s or the ensemble’s thrilling potential.” – Time Out New York

“A brisk, compassionate version of a difficult script.” – The Village Voice

“This rendering of “Caucasian Chalk Circle” is fresh, vibrant and compelling.” – The Queens Chronicle


Women of TrachisWomen of Trachis

“There’s a special psychological alertness and pungency to this mélange, though, that Ms.Reagan shrewdly strengthens in her superbly cast and infectiously energetic one-hour production.” – The New York Times

A Small Hole

“A Small Hole means to further the theater in the larger sense.” – The New York Sun

“With the startlingly choreographed ball scene and its evocation of Austens past, the performance affirms the potential for inventive transformation.” – The Village Voice